Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Idaho Charmer

As I was driving north going from Boise, Idaho to final destination in western Oregon I passed this little bungalow. Isn't it sweet? I like the little lean to the left and the vines growing on the roof.

You would not believe the looks I get as I pull to the side of the road. Sometimes, backing up. Sometimes making a lovely three point turn. Sometimes pulling over and running back.

On this trip it was just Nessa and I. She is very accepting of my stopping and starting. As long as she can get out to water the grass every now and then.

I'm thinking this house was built around the 1920s. I found this one that looks a bit like it. I didn't find one exactly like it but I have to say I didn't go through the whole site...yet.

The Antique Home website has some great historic home plans. I think I spent two hours just wandering around their site. I'll be back.

Have a lovely day.


  1. I love your pic. It made me laugh and think of the story my Mama would tell on her father as they passed some run down, old place. He'd look and point and say "Etta, someday we'll buy that place." So sometimes Mama will say it as we pass a shack, a barn, maybe even a corn crib. Now once in a while I do it to needless to say the kids just look at me like I'm a loon.

  2. That is a cute little bungalow! I love how much trouble you go through sometimes to get a shot of something cool - you ROCK! :)

    Signs of Spring... At Last!

  3. Isn't it great how forgiving dogs can be of our quirks--as long as the love, food and chances to water the grass are abundant.
    Love the bungalow. Looks well ventilated.