Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Auto Lodge

When automobiles gained in popularity for family use, the concept of using the family car for vacation travel came into vogue. These families needs places to sleep and eat. Some vacationers chose to camp in their car and the first tent/car combo was born. Others wanted a real roof over their heads and the first auto court came into existence.

Entrepreneurial land owners on the nations highways and byways built these motels on their property. 

They evolved into a certain style. The style consisted of a single room cabin with a connecting garage type place to pull the family car into. There would be several of these connected to each other surrounding an open court yard or parking lot.

During the depression and World War II these auto courts fell out on hard times.
This is an example of a motor court on Route 66.

Many of these old motor courts dot U.S. highways. Some have been kept up, some have been re-purposed, and some have fallen into disrepair.



  1. I never knew about motor-courts! Learn something new every day! :) What a great concept, though - too bad more of them aren't around.

    The 5-Dollar 100 Year Old Dragon

  2. There is still a sprinkling of these auto courts in Minnesota & Iowa. Happy WW :)

    ~ Jill

  3. I wish someone would buy them and put life back into them. Thank you for the back story.

  4. Sad that the interstate system dealt these a death blow in so many areas. We see some of these no longer working Auto courts in our neck of the woods too.

  5. It's the sort of place you'd see James Dean, Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson.